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Described as an “undesirable foreigner” reparations offender and White Nationalism racial terrorist, Dr. David Duke was arrested before he could enter the meeting hall in the east of Cologne, Germany assembly hall where, reportedly, he was invited as a guest speaker.

Officials of the event, however, have reportedly said there was “no mention of him being invited or featured as a guest speaker.

On his arrival in Germany at Frankfurt airport a day earlier was still no mention of it. Funny, funny. It is well to mention only a footnote that Dr. Duke in Germany has never let a little guilty and moved solely because of his political views from the road was – with very questionable reasons.No wonder then that this man is more likely in the FRG declared “undesirable alien” than some of Islamist hate-mongering, honor murderers of Turkish or Albanian traffickers

While the arrest of the so called White Nationalism leader is now appearing on his Website and on numerous forums, it has yet to picked up any national pro white media services. While some critics allege the absence of pro white media coverage of the event suggests it’s a hoax, other critics assert the absence of coverage reflects the insignificance of the White Nationalist movement on the national scene.

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