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“While, historically, blacks tend to commit crimes, the crimes most blacks commit and are convicted of are crimes of of necessity. The majority of crimes committed by white people, however, notes Glax Haas psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs, are now due to a hereditary psychological disorder that evolved and became inherent after generations of narcissism, hatred, greed and unrestituted for theft of property, identity and culture from the world’s peoples of color based in their white supremacist ideology.

This is why there are so many blacks incarcerated for quick money crimes like selling drugs and stealing cars, over 80% of serial killers and mass murderers are white.

According to Dr. Jacobs, the differences in how the ‘white’ judicial system and whites perceptions of justice are keenly demonstrated in mass media presentation, public opinion and ongoing court proceeding between Knoxville county defendants Letalivs Cobbins (black) and Micah Johnson (white).

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