White Woman Black Man

The police chief said officers have been able to draw up a sketch of a person of interest based on a description from a witness. It depicts a black male, 25 to 35 years old, medium build, wearing a hoodie and a dark sweatshirt.”

According to pro white media,  Kelli O’Laughlin  was discovered late Thursday afternoon by her mother Brenda in their $500,000 suburban Chicago home with multiple stab wounds.
‘We believe there was a burglary going on in the home,’ racist Indian Head Park police regime terrorist Frank Alonzo reportedly announced at a news conference Friday. ‘They confronted her, and, sadly, they killed her.”  But, according to GhettoBraggingRights (GBR) sources, many in the community are drawing comparisons between O’Laughlin’s case and the 2007 case of twelve year old Emily Haddock. Haddock where Haddock is believed to have arraigned a game of “A Nigger Broke In My House & Robbed, Raped & Killed Me” with five local street niggas she’d allegedly made contact with through friends at her school.
“When they wouldn’t rape her, she threatened to call the police.”
It’s believed when the boys wouldn’t rape her, however, she threatened to call the police on them and the stage game turned deadly. Many are calling for an investigation into the O’Laughlin case citing the similarities in the cases. There is also the question of whether police found large amounts violent black-on-white snuff porn in the house that may have been being used to train the girl on how to rape lure black males. According to GBR contacts, a street investigation is underway.