The Ghost Of Kyser Miree

According to UPM Network sources, controversial and outspoken clairvoyant Zelda Barrons X has visited the site of the Kyser Miree Reparations Protest on 4 Macy Place and found that, in death, the remaining presence of the once esteemed Vanderbilt Magna Cum Laude, whose family may have owned slaves, has been damned to spend eternity mourning for his races unrestituted for crimes against the other races of people on the planet. “He was also condemned for his choice to worship ignorance and preference to disregard justice,” a source close to the clairvoyant’s inner circle is quoted as saying.

“White people aren’t able to leave this realm after death. They don’t have souls like spiritual beings. While there are some doorways to reincarnation for them, they aren’t connected to the ethereal and are only able to exist as ghosts,” Barrons X, the author of Life After Death For White Folks is quoted as saying.

With the alleged sightings of the tortured presence of the unrepentant Reparations Offender increasing, it is being said the entity is restricted to the block of Macy Place where he reportedly, while alive, turned a peaceful Black Foot Soldier Reparations Protest against him violent.

“He’s trying to warn other whites of the fate that awaits them after death. But like you can’t get blood from a turnip, you can’t get love from a cracker,” one Mobile GhettoBraggingRights community member believed to have witnessed Barrons X in action allegedly said. “He’s very sad but deserves his eternal condemnation. They all do.”