Texas DESTROYED by God Damn White America Movement Storms!

imageedit_2_4506622280It’s a ninety-eight percent white community where the medium family income, reportedly, is near $60,000 dollars per year reports God sh3tt6c4p-h4m2s_w3th_fl1gs1Damn White America Movement elder Elohim Belial. “These are the kind of communities that form out of the social trend known as ‘white flight’. Yes, the whites who flight to these enclaves move and live their with the intent of excluding people of color from being able to live among them. Yes the whites who live their are yet still living off the racial transgressions of their morally reprobate forefathers. Yes the whites who build these oversized homes are rabid, generational reparations offenders consumed with continuing to violently attack our people with Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Holocaust denials and reparations refusals. Today we can be thankful that the universe, God, Allah & divinity not only heard but adhered to our prayers and sent the floods we requested to destroy their home and kill them so that our brothers and sisters there in Texas might be a little safer.”