stage IV melanoma

While the West is busy promoting BioVex’s OncoVEX, Bristol-Myers’ Ipilimumab & Pfizer’s Tremelimumab as the top cures for Melanoma, Yakub Muslim scientist researchers are saying that the Melanoma has no “cure” and that the only true preventive measure or treatment that can send it into a “trustworthy” remissive state are what they are calling “Nigger Fecal Extracts” that when applied on the surface of the epidermis can both prevent skin “cancer” outbreaks and Melanoma inception and also can, when applied to lymph nodes, can send even stage IV Melanoma into remmission.

While the Nigger Fecal Extract (NFE) solution has been privately known by the Nation of Yakub Muslims for over a decade, sources say the combination of the West finally publishing the truth about the “epidemic state” of Melanoma and the recent Environmental Work Group (EWG) study revealing the link between sunscreen and sunblock have created the environment were “whites may finally know the truth. Whites looking to purchase NFE for relief or protection, however, are out of luck. It’s not for sale. Skin sinners seeking applications may inquire with Yakub Muslims in their city.  NFE Applications may also be attained by contacting the Nation of Yakub directly.

“The necessary clinical trials were run over a decade ago and have been repeated numerous time over the last ten years,” a Yakub Muslim spokesman is quoted as saying. “Up until this day, however, the white devil hasn’t known about his skin damnation; and, infact – many of them are still in denial about it.”

According to Pontiac and Detroit (Michigan) Yakub Muslims, forty three year old  Harvey Mesler (a firemean), whose Melanoma Execution was complete Thursday night, had planned an elaborate trip Disney World in Florida – next week – in spite of National Curfew set against him and members of his race. (Read more)