Alabama Black Foot Soldiers have reportedly condemned the arrest of four Reparations Protesters being held for the April 16 alleged robbery and slaying of 23 year old Kyser Miree, a privileged Vanderbilt Magna Cum Laude graduate whose family is believed to have owned slaves during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.  Black Foot Soldier publisher Yusef Douglas reports:

(T)he Slaves Schedules of the 1850 census, Wm. S. Miree of Perry County Alabama (Only 1 county removed from Jeffereson County Alabama – which Birmingham resides) owned a considerable number slaves.

Reparations protesters Jamal Breon Lang, 20; Michael Jerome Lee, 19; Bo Taylor, 18; and Earnest Teryl Wiggins, 19 are currently being held for the protest which, according to Mobile Black Foot Soldier Moses Abernathy, Reparations Offender Miree is believed to have turned violent.