Reparations Protest

“ALL WHITES R TERRORISTS” – National Black Foot Soldier Network.

If recent membership stats are an indication, the National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) might just (now) be the largest new black youth movement in the country.

I’m still trying to get down to whether National Black Foot Soldier Network president Cedishon Angelou or Seattle Soldier Alfred “Issaquah” Shafford  coined it (“all whites r terrorists”).

It like so many other slogans concerning BOW reparatons coined by the (now) national network that, across the country and among soldiers, burn like wildfire across America when published.

There’s no debate over who the author of a new slogan burning down the house is, though. “Is your property on the Slavery Reparations List” was coined and claimed by heralded Savannah soldier Ebenezer Creek.

According to the editor of movement’s official online Website Yusef Douglas, interest in the online NBFSN community has grown so much that brothers interested in joining the movement are doing so online first and then seeking out members in their community.

“It’s the complete opposite from where we were two years ago when brothers joined their local movement first and then joined the online community,” Douglas says. “By enormous request, information defining what Reparations Protests are and how they are staged were added as a sticky on the new Blogger platform. It’s premium content. But it’s now available on line.”


What is a Reparations Protest? Do I have to stage a Reparations Protest become a Black Foot Soldier? How do I report my Reparations Protest? Are Reparations Protests reported in advance? Can whites be Black Foot Soldiers?  SEE: NATIONAL BLACK FOOT SOLDIER NETWORK INITIATION: STAGING REPARATIONS PROTESTS (Premium Content)

Little Rock Black Foot Soldier Julian Moseley has issued a scathing condemnation of the city’s over one hundred thousand whites calling them “cowards” who defend the atrocities of their fathers by not making restitution for their crimes.”

“White good, generosity, charity, justice and love are curious things to behold,” Moseley, who, with near thirty Soldiers, assembled near the Baring Cross Salvation Army center in North Little Rock. “I call good, generosity, charity, justice and love ‘things’ for white people because, for them, they are not real – only concepts.”

Comparisons of the Little Rock Christmas eve Reparations Protest has many in the Ghetto- BraggingRights (GBR) community, who have heard about the case, drawing comparisons to the historic 2005 Jennifer Ross Christmas eve Reparations Protest, says new GBR publisher Aniga Shakur. “It’s gained a considerable amount of popularity on in the national community,” He says.

According to white media reports, Salvation Army official Maj. Philip Wise was gunned down at that center in a black on white (BOW) robbery on Christmas eve. According to Moseley, the Soldiers gathered to confront the “false positive” image white people and media are purporting about so called Maj. Wise.

Praised by whites for his generosity to impoverished blacks, white media reports the 16 year Salvation Army major spent time raising money so that several hundred black children in Baring Cross community could have a good Christmas.

“Our preliminary investigation indicates that Mr. Wise had returned to the center with this three children – ages 4, 6 and 8 – when they were approached by two black males demanding money,” racist Little Rock Police regime terrorist Terry Kuykendall is reported as saying.

Moseley and the Soldiers, however, condemned Wise’s community work, lifestyle, beliefs and issued a “reminder” to Little Rock whites that “they are all Reparations Offenders.”