National White Devil’s KKKult (NWDK)

God has given white people until 2012 to find another planet to live on,” Jacobi Alil said in a sermon given across his network, Sunday. “Can he return to his birth place in the Caucasus Mountains for protection? No. There is no place upon the earth ultraviolet light pierce. Many will note 2012 as the date the great and ancient Mayans predicted the destruction of his world. Until the “NO WHITES IN SPACE BAN” reportedly declared by Mothership elders, the grace of The Universe had granted whites the opportunity to escape to any other planet outside our solar system.” The Elders, however, says that, because of The Devil’s continued treachery, vessels entering space from  earth with whites on board will be targeted for destruction.

 “Nothing in the white community is as it seems,” psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs said in a recent interview with UnderprivilegedJournalism. “Though they present themselves as civilized and God fearing, it is a savage culture that beneath their civilized front, practices ritualistic Satanism, embraces physical abuse and whose collective ego is only inspired by the most conscienceless acts.”  

According to Dr. Jacobs, the death of the daughter of the chief Racist Concord Police Regime Terrorist Merl Hamilton has all the fingerprints of being a just that: a ritualistic sacrifice by the National White Devils Kult (NWDK) he has long asserted exists right here in America. 

GOP Catholic Terrorist Christine O’Donnell demonstrates every characteristic associated with the NWDK & may rank as high as Sarah Palin herself.
“As a white female, she didn’t measure up to the Western standard of beauty very well at all,” Dr. Jacobs says. “She wasn’t blonde. Her nose wasn’t prominent. Her eyes weren’t blue. These are all physical characteristics American whites continue to be psychotically obsessive over. According to their beauty standard, she was ugly. While in each community the cult has the right to set its own sacrificial standards, it is thought that some communities do choose the ugliest of their daughters for the sacrifice.” He asserts.
Jacobs, a lead Glax Haas Research Institute researcher, says this case is reminiscent of a presumed case in Lynnwood, Washington where 16 year old Courtney Marie Wafstet is believed to have been chosen for sacrifice by her parents, the local sheriff and a large percentage (if not all) of the town’s white population. But Dr. Jacobs says O’Donnell exhibits every characteristic associated with high ranking members of the NWDK.