Nathan Cline

Blacks Against White America (BAWA), Yakub Islam, Global Black Alliance (GBA) & God Damn White America (GDWA) Movement Enthusiasts have reportedly each issued statements on the spectacular Blue Hawaiian Helicopter crash that claimed the lives of three American reparations offenders and two Canadian racial terrorists.

 According to sources, two of the Americans killed in the crash were Westinghouse nuclear engineers on their honeymoon. While Yakub Muslim publisher Antioch Hades has not replied, unconfirmed sources close to The New Collective Consciousness allege the helicopter may have been targeted by a Mothership IFO for the engineer’s lives.

 BAWA along with the GBA, has reportedly issued a statement condemning the lavish lifestyles of the Westerners in a reported time of economic crisis. “Whites who continue to live as the pigs they are while declaring America and the West in economic despair deserve to be swallowed while basking in their luxurious hypocrisy.