John Doe Intelligence Foundation

Sources with the clandestine John Doe Intelligence Foundation, The New Collective Consciousness and the Global Black Alliance have released an excerpt of their official findings on the cause of the January 12th earthquake that devastated Haiti and are charging 16 nations with a global conspiracy , Mass Terrorism and the “abombination of desolation” against the country.

The groups’ findings assert the nations conspired & authorized the use of a new nucleo sonic technology to aggravate the Enriquillo-Plaintain Garden Fault line that runs underneath Haiti.

Quarter of Million Blacks Murdered In White Engineered, Targeted Earth-quake; Devil Threatens Ancient Scientists Overseeing 2012 “End of (White) World” Prophesy; Devil “We Will Kill Masses of Blacks & People of Color All Across Globe If Not Kept In Power”

– Antioch Hades,

They assert the weapon had to be used from space and was done by the International Space Station.

The nations charged are America, Russian, Canadian, Japan, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Each has vital interests and is heavily invested in the Western space program.
“They had successfully masked this deliberate and targeted act of terrorism as a natural disaster and have the resources to blind the victims and less technologically developed nations of their cabal.”
Another source claiming to be familiar with the report says it contains evidence that at the time of the quake, the Space Station was situated at a point of position from which the weapon could be effective.
He also says each of party named in the charge is now central in the relief effortsand that there is evidence that each party had some “military preparedness readied in advance.”