Jason Fordell

Bronx Yakub Muslims are asking any people of color who heard twenty-nine year old Jason Fordell think the word “nigger” to come forward and let it be known.

Fordell, a reparations offender, has become the latest in a series of incidents in which people of color who are unaware of the new age we’ve entered are momentarily experiencing moments where they’re natural extra sensory perceptive gifts emerge and they hear the thoughts, most often vile and racist, of the whites who may be near them.

“I asked them to lower their voices and then they started in on me, ‘Shut the f— up, white boy. We’ll beat the s–t out of you, cracker.'” Fordell alleges. “Fucking niggers need to shut the fuck up.”  Some allege he probably thought.

“Eventually, half the car” joined in, Fordell reportedly told a PIX 11 news reporter on Monday. It is being investigated, however, whether, Fordell did begin to use derogatory racial epithets openly to intentionally offend all the people of color who could hear him.

While Fordell alleges the that most of his so called attackers got away after stealing his bags and money, Bronx Black Foot Soldiers reportedly issued a statement reminding the Bronx community that Fordell is a generational reparations offender.

“These devils don’t have the right to think their hateful thoughts anymore,” one Bronx Yakub Muslim said. “And they have gotten away with it for too long! It’s about time they started facing repercussions for their inappropriate thoughts.”