Dylan Klebold

Oracle Truth Reveled has reportedly issued a statement BLASTING the recent suicide pact of the Australian tourists who shot themselves while visiting a Colorado shooting range.

According to Western media, Candice and Kristin Hermeler traveled halfway across the world to enact the suicide pact. Kristin died at the scene. Candice was seriously injured. Both shot themselves in the head with rented .22 caliber pistols.

“These beasts belong in a chaos realm in an alternative dimension where they can not be ever let loose again. They are poster children and text-book cases for all that goes awry in the mind. All Pathology stems and is set to it’s fulles capacity in Edomite Tamahu Devils.” Oracle Truth Revealed is quoted as saying.

While Western media is attempting to play down the psychosis of the event, the two are alleged to have been obsessed with the Columbine Shootings.