Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs


Did you know that there is a relationship between the often perversely violent psychotic episodes most often demonstrated by white people and days with sharp surges in ground level ultraviolet light radiation and that white on black racial attacks surge on these days too?
(UPDATE: National Curfew For Whites REISSUED: VIOLATERS RECEIVE MELANOMAS Black Sun Worshipers Publish New Hours Whites Allowed Outdoors; Admonish Whites Not to Violate Restrictions)
A new study released by the Glax Haas Institute reports that when ultraviolet light surges in cities with already high ground level ozone black people are more likely to be discriminated against by whites and, too, that whites are more likely to have uncontrollable psychotic episodes that most often result in the mass killings of their families, neighbors, friends, co-workers, random others and or people of other races.
On the week when Stephen Kazmierzcak shot and killed numerous people on the campus of Northern Illinois, according to Glax-Haas data, Dekalb and surrounding cities, such as Chicago, were experiencing sharp surges in ground level Ultraviolet light.
Increased amounts of Ultraviolet light were also present on the day Houston mother Andrea Yates smothered her five children another report finds.
“On days with sharp surges in ultraviolet light, white people are more inclined to molest, harm and murder their children, go on shooting sprees that often take the lives of many, indulge in road rage and commit acts of racial violene,” says Glax-Haas researcher Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs. “It is a slow mental deterioration that can reach a violent, disturbing and perverted climax on a day with a sharp surge in ultraviolet light. We can expect that there will be (another) day when white people wont’ be able to control their behavior at all.”

(SEE) The Allison Gough Melanoma Execution: Will Middletown Yakub Muslim Press Ultraviolet Light Burning Of Narcissistic Girl Who Had “Everything Going For Her – Good Looks,Lots Of (White) Friends & A Full, Active (Racist & Selfish) Life (Following In The Path Of Her Conscienceless & Morally Degenerate Forefathers)?”

On the heels being voted the most racist cable news anchor, has Foxnews devil Sheppard Smith been busted as an incessant “NIGGER WORD THINKER?” While Yakub Muslims who allegedly infiltrated Foxnews as employees to monitor white news broadcasters thoughts have not confirmed it, it is believed a fore-coming report will reveal findings that anchor Sheppard Smith is an incessant “NIGGER WORD THINKER.”

 “Sheppard Smith demonstrates the most racist non-verbal body language in network television,” Glax Haas psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs is quoted as saying. “And it appears as though he’s thinking the nigger word all the time.”

According to contacts with the Black Media Collective, Foxnews is renown for anti black reporting, support of conservative whites and an anti Barack Obama agenda.

Blacks Against White America (BAWA) have issued numerous condemnations against Foxnews and some believe Smith may be hiding shameful Yakub Melanomas.

12 year old Jonathan Foster’s body was found burned to death in a ditch in Houston, Texas. While many are calling the death of the boy a tragedy, leading Glax Haas psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs says the child maintained all the genetic markers of becoming a dangerous racially psychotic serial killer and is, reportedly, condemning the rush to judgement in the twelve year old’s death. “What we can tell from the archaic slope of this one’s cranium and his less than qualifying as beautiful by Western standards is that the probability of it becoming a pervesion to a safe society for the safety of humanity is greater than not. As responsible humans, we must begin to look carefully at what the mutant Caucasian gene is bringing into the world. We’ve seen the terrible things the gene has produced so far. Responsible circumvention should not be frowned upon.” Dr. Jacobs is quoted as saying.


 “Nothing in the white community is as it seems,” psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs said in a recent interview with UnderprivilegedJournalism. “Though they present themselves as civilized and God fearing, it is a savage culture that beneath their civilized front, practices ritualistic Satanism, embraces physical abuse and whose collective ego is only inspired by the most conscienceless acts.”  

According to Dr. Jacobs, the death of the daughter of the chief Racist Concord Police Regime Terrorist Merl Hamilton has all the fingerprints of being a just that: a ritualistic sacrifice by the National White Devils Kult (NWDK) he has long asserted exists right here in America. 

GOP Catholic Terrorist Christine O’Donnell demonstrates every characteristic associated with the NWDK & may rank as high as Sarah Palin herself.
“As a white female, she didn’t measure up to the Western standard of beauty very well at all,” Dr. Jacobs says. “She wasn’t blonde. Her nose wasn’t prominent. Her eyes weren’t blue. These are all physical characteristics American whites continue to be psychotically obsessive over. According to their beauty standard, she was ugly. While in each community the cult has the right to set its own sacrificial standards, it is thought that some communities do choose the ugliest of their daughters for the sacrifice.” He asserts.
Jacobs, a lead Glax Haas Research Institute researcher, says this case is reminiscent of a presumed case in Lynnwood, Washington where 16 year old Courtney Marie Wafstet is believed to have been chosen for sacrifice by her parents, the local sheriff and a large percentage (if not all) of the town’s white population. But Dr. Jacobs says O’Donnell exhibits every characteristic associated with high ranking members of the NWDK.