Divine Race Karma’s Day of Reckoning & the White Devil


upmn-5vlrn“Divine Race Karma’s “Day of Reckoning” crept upon the yet unrepentant racically terroristic whites as masterfully as the prophesied ‘thief in the night’ entered the ‘goodman’s house’ & found him sleeping in the the ancient parable of the ‘The Man Going on a Long Journey‘.

But on December 21st, 2012, the ancient Mayan Calendar Prophesy date, we can no longer subscribe to the chattel of white people’s permission into light for specific hours for the new edict issued by Ra explaining to all his with third eyes opened that he will melanoma, carcinoma or sarcoma them singularly according to the vileness of their thoughts. For your ears are now his ears and he will only hear them through you. Yes, he will turn your neck and focus his holy 3rd eye upon them to that degree upon hearing the wickness of their thoughts.

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