Christopher Newsom

Does self styled “journalist” Nicolas Stix’ obsession with the Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom’s allegedly purchased drug fueled, black thug sex weekend getaway gone wrong prove he has the same apparent racist and sexually psychotic desire of the 21 year old, white male Christopher Newsom whose friend is believed to have shot him in the weekend of January 6, 2007? According to one leading racial psychologist, it does.

“The incidence of white males wanting what they perceive as violent and ultimately fatalistic black, thug sex continues to increase,” the psychologist says. “One of the tale-tell signs of those of them who are often times sub consciously but even sometimes even overtly seeking it is what we call obsessive fixation. This happens when people like Stix become fixated on incidents where it has already occurred. In Stix’ case the psychologist says obsessive fixation is taking place.

(ABOVE) UPM Network contributer admits his desire to be (what many white males are calling) “Christopher Newsom(ed).”

“… that’s what Stix wants it to be because it appears to be what he desires.”

“Coupled with Stix’ apparent fixation on the black males involved in the incident is his continued representation of the weekend as a “carjacking, robbery rape & murder,” the psychologist notes. “Though the young brothers involved received guilty verdicts, it is apparent this was not a carjacking. In his mind, though, that’s what Stix wants it to be because it appears to be what he desires.”