Brevard County Yakub Muslims

Brevard County Yakub Muslims have issued a statement condemning mourning for a sixteen year old mutant from a family of reparations offenders who was attacked by an amoeba while swimming during Yakub Islam National Curfew For Whites restricted hours in the St. John River.The girl, identified as Courtney Nash, a student at Astronaut High School, allegedly requested that her organs be donated. Concerned Yakub Muslims, however, assert that her organs are toxic and need to be burned. “Whites are carcinogenic against nature. They are pollution. The amoeba would not have attacked a person of color. Her organs should be burned. Let the dogs lick up her blood and the birds pick at her flesh,” Brevard County Yakub Muslim minister Dawud Shabazz is quoted as saying in a statement released that also gives praise to the amoeba for targeting Nash. According to contacts, Nash also announced condemnation for any attempts to bury the girls body in the earth and is calling for local Brevard County Black Foot Soldiers to protest on any day whites might plan to hold a funeral for her.