It’s rhetorical to ask the question, “what’s the genesis behind global hate of the white race by world’s people of color.

Gleaning some of the best comments submitted by UnderprivilegedMediaNetwork publishers and inline for 2010 Comment Of The Year recognition, about the “generational race of”, according to Glax Haas psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs, “shameless global terrorists,” brother UGK, of the Black Consciousness Movement on publisher Creaux Steele’s Shittycop writes:

“Karma is a bitch, indeed! That is precisely what we in the black conscious movement have been saying for a while now. Your race (and all uncle toms) are in the process of facing a terrible divine karmic justice. Your very existance on Earth is an insult to life itself.
Its a bit ironic and silly that you are telling us about Karma.”

So, it’s not a question of the global offenses they (the global white regime) have committed, commits and refuses to make restitution for, the prevailing question seems to be, “what measure of suffering are they owed in their eternal destruction?”