Another Psychotic White Man Calls the Kettle Black

“When will the white people you work, go to school with or who are your neighbors give in to the dark voices that most often result in, for example, a body being found hidden in a wall recess?” Asks leading racial psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs.

Thirty one year old Anne Le’s body was found stuffed in the afore menteioned wall recess on the day she’d planned for her wedding.

While the president of Yale University says the employment history of a lab technician arrested in the killing of a graduate student gives no clue he was capable of such a crime, New Haven police chief James M. Lewis says the exact motive for Clark’s slaying may never be known.”

“Their ability to present themselves as normal and, then, through their media project their day to day goings as normal is the most deceptive aspect of their psychosis,” Dr. Jacobs says. “People of other races and all women should always be aware of the aberrant thoughts that lead to the psychotic behavior historically demonstrated by whites. At anytime, anywhere any of us are subject to be their victims.”


White men are NOT the way to go – their lack of melanin causes them to fail at coping with life, it also hinders them from reaching a consistent nightly REM 4 sleep, which means that they are liable to get up in the middle of the night and take you out. You would be safer strapping a steak to your back and laying in the woods at night. (The) White man is not the way – he is a ticking psychotic time bomb.


Yale president Richard C. Levin issued the following statement regarding the Annie Le investigation.

Mr. Clark has been a lab technician at Yale since December 2004. His supervisor reports that nothing in the history of his employment at the University gave an indication that his involvement in such a crime might be possible.

It is frightening that a member of our own community might have committed this terrible crime. But we must not let this incident shatter our trust in one another.

Dr. Jacobs, however, says that trust in white people’s decency should never be taken for granted. “The same darkness beating around in lab tech Raymond Clark is yet alive in Yale president Richard Levin,” Jacobs says. “Your trust in them should have been shattered in them long ago.”