On the heels being voted the most racist cable news anchor, has Foxnews devil Sheppard Smith been busted as an incessant “NIGGER WORD THINKER?” While Yakub Muslims who allegedly infiltrated Foxnews as employees to monitor white news broadcasters thoughts have not confirmed it, it is believed a fore-coming report will reveal findings that anchor Sheppard Smith is an incessant “NIGGER WORD THINKER.”

 “Sheppard Smith demonstrates the most racist non-verbal body language in network television,” Glax Haas psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs is quoted as saying. “And it appears as though he’s thinking the nigger word all the time.”

According to contacts with the Black Media Collective, Foxnews is renown for anti black reporting, support of conservative whites and an anti Barack Obama agenda.

Blacks Against White America (BAWA) have issued numerous condemnations against Foxnews and some believe Smith may be hiding shameful Yakub Melanomas.