Was Racist US Navy Regime Terrorist Jon Tumilson Having Sex With Labrador? "Dog’s Behavior At Funeral Indicative Of Innapro-priate Relationship" – Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs; Global Black Alli-ance (GBA) Condemns Honoring US Military Racial Terrorist Sus-pected Of Bestiality; (BREAKING) Glax Haas Report: More Whites Having Sex With Animals Than Any Other Time In US History, Incidence Reaching Caucasus Mountain Bestiality Proportions

underprivilegedmedianetwork (UPMN)

More white people are having sex with their pets and or other animals than any other time in American history, a new Glax Haas study finds. Glax Haas has been studying and reporting on the incidence of bestiality in the white community for over a decade.

In 2009, research found that 1 in 6 whites was involved in an inappropriate sexual relationship with their pet or another animal.

According to sources who conduct the yearly research and study the findings, the incidence of Caucasians involved in bestial relationships has dramatically increased from 1 in 6 to 1in 4. 

“This represents a significant and troubling increase,” say Glax Haas psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs.

“When whites are having inappropriate relationships with their pets, children, siblings or parents there are always small clues that can be seen that should call attention to the situation.”
Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs

Other areas of the…

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