Putin’s right-hand man Dmitry Kiselyov com-pares Obama to a monkey on nationwide TV! Time to go back inside your cave, Devil.


The man dubbed Vladimir Putin’s “propagandist-in-chief” used a racist comment on nationwide TV in Russia to attack Barack Obama.

Dmitry Kiselyov then deleted the offending word “jungle” because, he said, he did not want to “compare Obama to a monkey”.

The offensive remark came as the TV pundit and media boss told Russian viewers about the first meeting between President Obama and President-elect Donald Trump at the White House.

Mr Kiselyov said: “Obama is cheeky these days, if not unceremonious. It started last week, when Trump paid his first visit to the White House…. There, Trump behaved like an English lord, while Obama was throwing his arms about as if he was in the jungle.” (Source)

  1. Disgusted Caucasian said:

    Something that Russia has in their plus column. They hate niggers and they aren’t afraid to say so. Niggers are not allowed to immigrate to Russia and even have trouble getting temporary visas. Russians also hate Muslims/sand niggers and will not allow them into their country.

  2. Disgusted Caucasian said:

    The White Man is now your master again. The carnage created by the first nigger POTUS will ensure that another nigger will never disgrace that office again.

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