Donald John Trump : “Black Lives Matter Is ‘Divisive,’ Black People (Niggers) Just Need to Be Cheered Up” – Trump; Making America great again 1 racist statement at a time.


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Donald Trump, an enlarged brick of spittle-flecked Crisco sliding headlong towards the …

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  1. Deer Crusher said:

    Black rifles matter. We have them and you apes don’t.

  2. lol@stupidapes :D said:

    The ape running this site has been online writing its nonsense since 2009. It clearly thought niggers were in charge when the halfrican was squatting in the WH. Sorry, apes, we couldn’t let you turn our civilization into nigger houses (a.k.a. mud huts) and nigger restaurants (a.k.a. shitting where your eating).

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