“Two year old Lane Graves couldn’t have been eaten & killed by the alligator enough.” Divine Racial Karma says. “We are thankful this mutant won’t have the opportunity to grow & continue his kind’s racial terrorism against our people.” Blacks Against White America (BAWA)


“No matter who, how, where, when or why. Always celebrate white tra-gedy & death. Their comfort is what I despise most,” Divine Racial Karma. “They are unabashed in their continues racially terroristic ways and unpersuaded to change for the better or make restitution for their now generational race crimes,” smiles Divine Racial Karma, who has vowed to make the suffering of the reprobate race of whites, because of their continued exploitation of the earth & her people’s, a testimony before the entire galaxy as to what will not be tolerated in this or any universe. “No matter who. No matter how. No matter where. No matter when. You should alway celebrate white death. White comfort & life is what I despise,” Divine Racial Karma. Continue reading  “Two  year old Lane Graves couldn’t have been eaten & killed by the alligator enough.” Divine Racial Karma says.black-people-and-babies-used-as-alligator-bait-MASTER-AAAA

  1. Deer Crusher said:

    Stupid fucking nigger ape. The young human boy was killed by an alligator and your propaganda pic has him in the jaws of a crocodile. The lack of intellect you apes have to endure must be the reason for your wanton violence. As painful and horrifying as it must have been for the young boy, it was far better for him than a death at the paws of a violent, feral, depraved nigger predator.

  2. Coon Basher said:

    Yes a real tragedy. On the positive side all the recent killings in Chicago have been over 75% niggers!

    • Not as tragic as the weak skinned, easily destroyable by Ultraviolet Light race of psycho-racial, morally reprobate white devils of which you are one of. Then again, that’s (((NOT))) a tragedy. That’s deserved racial karma.

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