1. Deer Crusher said:

    Looks like the site nigger in charge is having a chimpout over George Zimmerman. Atta boy George….you took out a nigger thug that would have cost society millions in security, court and prison costs. Not to mention, how many Caucasian lives were saved by George taking out that criminal, thug nigger. I hope George takes out one hundred more nigger thugs as that would make America that much safer for the civilized Caucasian race. ‘Shoot a nigger, get a ton of money for a cheap pistol.’ Now we’re going in the right direction. It’s high time you nigger monster predators realized that Caucasians have armed up and will no longer be willing victims of your grotesque, savage hate violence.

  2. Coon Basher said:

    Martin decided to take the situation to a whole new level by attacking Zimmerman.Okay so what’s the problem?????The nigger boy was beating a white man, was shot and died!!!

  3. Deer Crusher said:

    Hey Coon Basher…notice how much fuss this nigger makes about humans carrying concealed firearms. They can’t stand the idea of Caucasians arming themselves against nigger hate violence. The great apes will never be happy no matter how much we improve their lives with our inventions and innovations. Politically, they have gotten their way for almost eight years, via a Muslim, nigger Communist, and they have never hated us more. Niggers want everything and they want it handed to them.

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