Racist, “Clinging to Gun” Idaho Mom Veronica Jean Rutledge Killed in Wal Mart by 2 Year Old Son “Reaching for Gun in Purse” had: NO BLACK FACEBOOK FRIENDS! “Son reached for gun on purpose to intentionally kill her,” race psychologist Louis Jacobs?


Report, “the purse she brought into the Wal-Mart was a Christmas gift — with a special pocket for a concealed weapon.” “How would he have known where this special pocket was – except his mother had shown it to him before,” Glax Haas race psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs questioned. (UPDATE) Did believed racially psychotic mom ‘flaunt’ gun in front of child – posing and teaching him how to aim and shoot? Did child have several toy guns? And, had she taught boy how to say, “nigger” & pointed out blacks to child as “not good”? Was he reaching for gun because he saw black employees or customers in the store and believed they presented a threat to his mother and felt like he had to protect her from “niggers” in Wal-mart? “If his mother was pointing out blacks in the store and whispering “nigger” in the child’s ears and if the mother, as is believed, had sensationalized the recent number of police killings of blacks and already begun the negative stereotyping white parents sub consciously teach their off-spring (and teaching the killing of blacks – under any circumstances is a good thing), it is not hard to imagine, then, that the boy was trying to ‘kill him a nigger’ too to make his mother proud.”

  1. Deer Crusher said:

    Dear nigger ape administrator;

    I want to thank you for the very flattering pics your are posting up of Caucasians. It only reinforces the reasoning behind why so many nigger monsters want to get next to a Caucasian. We are the beauty of the planet and you apes can’t keep your feet off of us.

  2. inthenameofx said:

    It’s hilarious how these godless Edomites have been reduced from having plantations, whips and chains, deeds of ownership, separate eating and drinking places and separate school to only having words like “*knuckled-dragging* & “*nigger*” in hopes of *trying* to offend us and haven’t even realized we’re the generation that ain’t barring that, ROTFLM(*nigger*)AO! That fall when coupled with the knowledge that we know the truth about recessive gene & their weak, Pheomelanin (pink & yellow based melanin ) skin, their easiliy compromised immunosystems and their large (clunky) unevolved brains (they use to assert that the larger the brain the more powerful it is and have now learned that the microchip is more representative of it i.e. evolution has made it smaller and better) is just all too much for them. All anyone needs is Ultraviolet Light to reduce them to puddles of melanomic pus.

  3. Deer Crusher said:

    You niggers seem obsessed with the fact that Caucasians can’t tolerate large amounts of UV light without a blocker. This is because God gave us massive intellect. We use our minds to get through life so we don’t have to perform manual labor out in the fields all day. That’s your job nigger.

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