The Devil’s Flesh & Summer 2014: What can humanity expect from mankind as the planetary temperature continues to rise & the Ultraviolet Light surges increase: ZOMBIFICATION.


TF1B-dwdrl-Spring 2014′s New Sun! Summer “2014 will produce more racially torturous melanomas on devils’ skin than any other time in our recorded history” – Yakub Islam; Are you a member of the family of the people of color & why proper pre-ancient intake of Ra’s Ultraviolet Light is essential for the survival of people of color in the dawning new day?

upj-WPMIUVLAWhite Psycho Mania & Obama’s Dire Global Warming Warning: what you need to know as temperatures rises, Ultraviolet Light surges, Ground Level Ozone (GLO) increases, mankind’s rapidly corroding mental, biological & physical faculties continue to deteriorate & they inch closer & closer to complete zombification’

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