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TF1B-dwdrl-Spring 2014′s New Sun! Summer “2014 will produce more racially torturous melanomas on devils’ skin than any other time in our recorded history” – Yakub Islam; Are you a member of the family of the people of color & why proper pre-ancient intake of Ra’s Ultraviolet Light is essential for the survival of people of color in the dawning new day?

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upmn-5vlrn“Divine Race Karma’s “Day of Reckoning” crept upon the yet unrepentant racically terroristic whites as masterfully as the prophesied ‘thief in the night’ entered the ‘goodman’s house’ & found him sleeping in the the ancient parable of the ‘The Man Going on a Long Journey‘.

But on December 21st, 2012, the ancient Mayan Calendar Prophesy date, we can no longer subscribe to the chattel of white people’s permission into light for specific hours for the new edict issued by Ra explaining to all his with third eyes opened that he will melanoma, carcinoma or sarcoma them singularly according to the vileness of their thoughts. For your ears are now his ears and he will only hear them through you. Yes, he will turn your neck and focus his holy 3rd eye upon them to that degree upon hearing the wickness of their thoughts.

MUST SEEUltraviolet Light Reniggered Through Black Man Pineal Gland 7 Times More Carcinogenic to Devil; (12.21.12 Mayan Calendar Prophecy PREVIEW) “Judge them according to their thoughts,” Ra. Read More


The United States of America

Slavery transformed America into an economic power. The exploitation of black people for free labor made the South the richest and most politically powerful region in the country. British demand for American cotton made the southern stretch of the Mississippi River the Silicon Valley of its era, boasting the single largest concentration of the nation’s millionaires.


But slavery was a national enterprise. Many firms on Wall Street such as JPMorgan Chase, New York Life and now-defunct Lehman Brothers made fortunes from investing in the slave trade the most profitable economic activity in New York’s 350 year history. Slavery was so important to the city that New York was one of the most pro-slavery urban municipalities in the North.


According to Harper’s magazine (November 2000), the United States stole an estimated $100 trillion for 222,505,049 hours of forced labor between 1619 and 1865, with a compounded interest of 6 percent. Read More