Not In Memory of Ming Qu & Ying Wu: Los Angeles Black Foot Soldier Icon Javier Bolden Shows Off Gun (on Myspace) Used to Defend Self Against Anti Black USC Students Accused of “Social Advancement at Expense of Blacks”

Does New Los Angeles County Black Foot Soldier icon Javier Bolden premiere the gun he allegedly used in defending himself against believed violent, anti black USC students Ming Qu and Ying Wu while protesting their reported non direct exploitation of the black community? Javier’s Myspace page.

SEE: Ming Qu & Ying Wu: Without Regard; “In my country & taking advantage of benefits I’m denied.” Los Angeles Black Foot Soldiers Encourage Foreigners to “Regard US History & Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Reparations,” Hail Javier Bolden & Bryan Barnes “Heroes” In “Stand Against US’ Continued Anti Black, Pro Asian Preferences in College, Lending & Business,” Condemn Qu & Wu’s Tolerance of Inequalities & Apparent Racist Violence

  1. H. B. said:

    You insane niggers should go back to the jungles of Africa and live with the rest of the jigaboos, gorillas and monkeys

  2. H. B. said:

    Reparations? The ONLY reparations you jigaboooos NEED is a noose and a tree!!!

  3. Mickey Mouse said:

    If we had a Department of Justice that wasn’t run by a black supremacist tool, you people would be rounded up as terrorists and sent to Guantanamo Bay.

  4. Michael said:

    Why don’t you pieces of dog shit go ahead and write me? I’ll give you my home address so you can try this on me. Go ahead, I’m white – try me! I will load you up with boxes hollow-point lead. You worthless animals give the word “animal” a bad name. I feel sorry for decent blacks that have to be associated to you people by race. What you disgusting pieces of flesh do is the worst form of hate crime. Sad that this world has scum like you in it.

  5. MelaniteX said:

    They kill us so we can kill them it’s time for Asians to get the fuck out of our communities

  6. BlackXMilitant said:

    Asians are mutated demons with down syndrome and they come to this Country and open their dirty shops in our communities and exploit us. My race had to suffer for over 400 years for these chinky eyed bastards just to come and be welcomed with open arms. FUCK THAT I’ll make them suffer just like we had to suffer…..

  7. Pete said:

    black people are exploited because they’re so easy to be exploited . as a race, they would be wiped out by ebola and other diseases if not for whites and asians, they are not smart. is there a single black area in the world that isn’t shit?

  8. SW said:

    Are you guys serious with this website or what? What a bunch of fucking losers.

  9. django said:

    You need help. Seriously. You need to stop looking through a peep hole in life and see the whole picture of life. Every culture that was not an Anglo-Saxon was surprised in the United States. The Chinese was used to pave the way in the West by creating infrastructures like the rail road and levies and dams. By me knowing this, I cannot and will not disregard what you fellow Africans have been through too. Matter of fact, the Mexican brothers as well.

    I agree it is more difficult for Africans to chase the American Dream due to the system that is put in place, not whites or white people, like your organization has claimed. Even Anglo-Saxons go through a struggle here in the States. Hard work has always prevailed in this land of the Free. That is why those Chinese opened those “dirty shops” that you refer to, to be earners and winners within this land. Rather than stand here and point fingers, be about it. Talk is bullshit and I applaud the GOOD African community that knows this formula work = pay.

    The Qu and Yu were just in their car when Boldin came from behind to try and steal their car. But I do not see your view as how they were taking advantage of privileges that were not offered to Africans? They worked hard, pursued a good education. Drove around in a decade old car and had loans to pay. Is that something that you believe Africans cannot do?

    I also want to point out one thing that I find humorous in you. You speak like your hate it here in the Unites States. In fact, Africans were forced to come here, given Anglo-Saxon sur names and forced to flourish the land. Then in your comments you assimilate and you go, they come your “our land” in “our communities” which sounds like you are with the system and protective of it. Man you are really fucked in the head.

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