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“Masturbation is better than continued pro creation for white people,” says newly entitled African Asian psychologist Lehand Quok Jr..


A Chinese University of Hong Kong young legend, Quok Jr. is the son of celebrated physician Lehand Quok Sr. who is widely recognized as discovering the cure for disease.

Quok Sr., who has been condemned by the leaders of every developed nation upon the earth for his refusal to share his cure, refutes the very claim that has made him a legend.

“I have not found the cure for every disease,” he is quoted as saying. “There is one disease I have not found the cure for.”

Yet in studies across North America, Europe, Asia and Canada all patients introduced to Quok Sr.’s cure have been healed.

The released statement from Quok Jr. is the second in a series he is expected to announce thoughout the course of his 1st entitlement series: The One Disease My Father Could Not Cure.

More than mythology is the great challenge Quok Jr.’s father presented him with at the beginning of his journey to entitlement. Throughout the decade of the mid 1980s and early 1990s, Quok Sr.’s discoveries were heralded as the greatest known to man.

“World wide, I am recognized as the one who discovered the cure for disease. Yet I have not discovered the cure for the white man. He is the largest disease on the planet. He is a threat to the universe. The masters teach us the white man’s space missions are unsuccessful because our universal neighbors who study us will not allow his chaos in the universe. While they will not alter his course on the earth, for the white man, every attempt of extended space travel by them will be unsuccessful.” Dr. Lehand Quok Sr.

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The area of the brain termed the cerebral cortex is the most recently evolved and most complex part of the brain. It governs the most advanced types of mental activity, such as mathematical ability and other forms of abstract reasoning. Dr. Coon wrote that there is a considerable difference between the Black brain and the White. The frontal lobe of the Black forebrain is less developed than that of the White. Thus, their ability in the performance of thinking, planning, communication, and behavior is more limited than in Whites. Professor Coon also found that this area of the Black brain is thinner and less grooved on the outer surface than in that of a White person, and that the development of this part of the brain ceases at an earlier age in the Black, thus limiting further intellectual advancement. Nor is Dr. Coon alone in his conclusions.

“I tell them checkmate cracker. You got smaller penises, outdated, larger & clunkier brains & weaker skin. This age of the Ultraviolet Light Sciences is where Charles Darwin, Louis Leakey, Charles S. Coon, Adolph Hilter & You Failed.”

(READ: CHARLES S. COON”S: THE BIOLOGICAL DIFFERENCES OF THE RACES:) I tell them checkmate cracker. You got smaller penises, outdated, larger & clunkier brains & weaker skin. This age of the Ultraviolet Light Sciences is where Charles Darwin, Louis Leakey, Charles S. Coon, Adolph Hilter & You Failed.

(ABOVE) The Original National Curfew for Whites Imposed by the Original Yakub 7 Ali (before his ascension)

“The mythological 3rd eye, which is the pineal gland, is accessed at the single point where the streams of vision of the two eyes meet” – Yakub 7 Ali.

The Curfew, imoposed summer 2007 by Yakub 7 Ali, restricted whites to five hours a day when they could be seen by members of his radical black sun worship sect without beingspotted with skin cancers or melanomas.

A Glax Haas study found that between July 2007 and January 2008, reports of skin cancers and melanomas spiked with reportedly over a 300% .

“It is an epidemic,” a spokesman with the New Melanoma Research Study (NMRS) said. “If rates continue to rise at this pace, there won’t be a fairskinned American without Melanoma.”

The skin plagues and melanomas are the curse of God against white people for their skin sins and continued evil of today. In Daniel, Isaiah and Revelations God warns He will curse the evil with the Sores That Do Not Heal. Skin cancer and melanomas are these sores. Based on their skin color, whites exalted themselves above everyone else on the planet and called everyone else: ugly, evil and inferior. Now, that giving everyone else life burns whites’ skin. That giving everyone else life is God. The sun is God. The sun hates white people. God Hates White people. God has fixed His holy light to discriminate between black and whites so that it burns the whites. Ultraviolet light is the fire of the 2nd Rapture burning evil from the earth. – Yakub 7 Ali (before ascension)

(BLONDE BOMBSHELL) Psychotic Devil & Western Styled “Model” Lauren Scruggs GLORIOUSLY Walks Into Spinning Airplane Propel-ler, Are Yakub Muslim “Evil Whispers” Responsible? Blacks Against White America (BAWA) Praise Racist Hypocrite’s New Deformation

A so called US model and fashion blogger suffered serious injuries including the loss of her hand Saturday night after walking into a single-engine plane propeller in Dallas by a plane some allege was targeted by a Mothership IFO testing new intel.

Reparations offender Lauren Scruggs, 23-year-old former Gossip Girl stylist, was allegedly disembarking from the plane at an exclusive private airport when she walked into the propeller, slicing her face, shoulder and left hand.