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“While, historically, blacks tend to commit crimes, the crimes most blacks commit and are convicted of are crimes of of necessity. The majority of crimes committed by white people, however, notes Glax Haas psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs, are now due to a hereditary psychological disorder that evolved and became inherent after generations of narcissism, hatred, greed and unrestituted for theft of property, identity and culture from the world’s peoples of color based in their white supremacist ideology.

This is why there are so many blacks incarcerated for quick money crimes like selling drugs and stealing cars, over 80% of serial killers and mass murderers are white.

According to Dr. Jacobs, the differences in how the ‘white’ judicial system and whites perceptions of justice are keenly demonstrated in mass media presentation, public opinion and ongoing court proceeding between Knoxville county defendants Letalivs Cobbins (black) and Micah Johnson (white).

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Described as an “undesirable foreigner” reparations offender and White Nationalism racial terrorist, Dr. David Duke was arrested before he could enter the meeting hall in the east of Cologne, Germany assembly hall where, reportedly, he was invited as a guest speaker.

Officials of the event, however, have reportedly said there was “no mention of him being invited or featured as a guest speaker.

On his arrival in Germany at Frankfurt airport a day earlier was still no mention of it. Funny, funny. It is well to mention only a footnote that Dr. Duke in Germany has never let a little guilty and moved solely because of his political views from the road was – with very questionable reasons.No wonder then that this man is more likely in the FRG declared “undesirable alien” than some of Islamist hate-mongering, honor murderers of Turkish or Albanian traffickers

While the arrest of the so called White Nationalism leader is now appearing on his Website and on numerous forums, it has yet to picked up any national pro white media services. While some critics allege the absence of pro white media coverage of the event suggests it’s a hoax, other critics assert the absence of coverage reflects the insignificance of the White Nationalist movement on the national scene.

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According to white media news sources: “Critics of President Obama felt little holiday cheer after the president did not thank God in his Thanksgiving-themed weekly Internet address. They immediately took to Twitter and the Internet to voice anger and disbelief.

“Holy cow! Is that one screwed up or what?” columnist Sherman Frederick of the Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote in a Thanksgiving-morning blog post.”Somebody ought to remind Obama (and his speechwriter) that when Americans sit down around a meal today and give thanks, they give thanks to God.”Over on the website of Fox News Radio, radio host Todd Starnes also took issue.”His remarks were void of any religious references, although Thanksgiving is a holiday traditionally steeped in giving thanks and praise to God,” Starnes wrote.”The president said his family was ‘reflecting on how truly lucky we truly are,'” Starnes said. “For many Americans, though, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on how blessed and thankful they are.”

According to sources close to Yakub Muslim publisher Antioch Hades, the crash of a twin engine plane in southeastern Arizona was a strike by a Mothership identified flying object (IFO) commissioned by Mothership elders to patrol the earth’s airways and target planes and other flying vehicles with white people aboard. Nine year old Morgan Perry, six year old Luke Perry, eight year old Logan Perry and mom Karen Perry were all killed in the strike.

 Reportedly, BAWA has released a statement calling the strike “glorious” and acknowledging the world is a better place without the racially Perry family.”

SEE:  MOTHERSHIHP SMACKDOWN? 2 Westinghouse Racial Terrorist Nuclear Engineers On “PIGGISH Honeymoon” Among 5 Devils Killed In SENSATIONAL Hawaiian Island Copter Crash

 The family was from racist 95% white Junction Arizona and believed to be supporters of the State’s racist immigration law that gives it’s police regimes free reign to profile people of Mexican descent.

The law has been condemned by the National Black Foot Soldier Network, La Familia De La Gente De Color and Blacks Against White America (BAWA).  Reportedly, BAWA has released a statement calling the strike “glorious” and acknowledging the world is a better place without the racially Perry family.”

(Rhetorical) Do today’s whites feel they have to make up for the criminal atrocities of their morally degenerate forefathers? 

How did the self styled beautiful, superior and civilized race we have come to know as white people justify their unimaginable massacre of the Native Americans? What was their excuse for the the creating the dehumanizing system of Chattel Slavery they introduced the Africans of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade to?  More recently, how about the so called War On Terror? What are the events whites have used to justify it?

While these certainly aren’t the only three atrocities those of the afore noted beautiful, superior and civilized race have committed – and continue to commit – I’m highlighting them so we can all enjoy what a more critical look reveals about the psychological culture of those who perpetuated them.

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“They diagnosed that I was having a miscarriage. They said the damage was from the kick and that the pepper spray got to it [the fetus], too,” said Fox. Jennifer Fox, who says she was three months pregnant at the time, alleges that one officer lifted his foot and hit her in the stomach and another pushed his bicycle into the crowd, again hitting her in the stomach, The Stranger reported on Tuesday.”I was standing in the middle of the crowd when the police started moving in. I was screaming, ‘I am pregnant, I am pregnant. Let me through. I am trying to get out,’” she said. Right before I turned, both cops lifted their pepper spray and sprayed me,” she continued. “My eyes puffed up and my eyes swelled shut.”(More)


“Nigger,” she thought. “Finished,” she said.
According to Yakub Muslim contacts, psycho racial terrorist and 2012 GOP presidential hopeful Michelle Bacham, who has been identified by the National Black Foot Soldier Network as a “flagrant reparations offender,” thought the disparaging racial epithet “nigger” before publicly responding “finished” when she appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, Monday.
According to Yakub Muslim contacts, Bachmann’s true thoughts were perceived by a Yakub Muslim New Collective Consciousness historian present in the audience to document the show.