BREAKING: Is 14 Year Old Kelli O’Laughlin New Emily Haddock: Did So Called "Innocent" Teen Invite Suspected Black Male Over After School To Play Increasingly Popular & Alleged Racist White Psycho Sex Game "A Nigger Broke In, Robbed, Raped & Killed Me" & Was Violent Black On White Snuff Porn Found In House?

The police chief said officers have been able to draw up a sketch of a person of interest based on a description from a witness. It depicts a black male, 25 to 35 years old, medium build, wearing a hoodie and a dark sweatshirt.”

According to pro white media,  Kelli O’Laughlin  was discovered late Thursday afternoon by her mother Brenda in their $500,000 suburban Chicago home with multiple stab wounds.
‘We believe there was a burglary going on in the home,’ racist Indian Head Park police regime terrorist Frank Alonzo reportedly announced at a news conference Friday. ‘They confronted her, and, sadly, they killed her.”  But, according to GhettoBraggingRights (GBR) sources, many in the community are drawing comparisons between O’Laughlin’s case and the 2007 case of twelve year old Emily Haddock. Haddock where Haddock is believed to have arraigned a game of “A Nigger Broke In My House & Robbed, Raped & Killed Me” with five local street niggas she’d allegedly made contact with through friends at her school.
“When they wouldn’t rape her, she threatened to call the police.”
It’s believed when the boys wouldn’t rape her, however, she threatened to call the police on them and the stage game turned deadly. Many are calling for an investigation into the O’Laughlin case citing the similarities in the cases. There is also the question of whether police found large amounts violent black-on-white snuff porn in the house that may have been being used to train the girl on how to rape lure black males. According to GBR contacts, a street investigation is underway.

  1. Anonymous said:

    You're going to hang nigger!

  2. Anonymous said:

    Outrageous! It pains me to say this, as I am not a “racist,” or at least I try not to be, but that is truly some nigger behavior. The only thing that comes close to the brutality of the murder is the disparaging speculation made by race hustler “Slaughter Lightfoot” of “underprivileged” journalism. Of course, it figures that the author is some nutso Afro-centrist associated with the Nation of Islam (and no doubt believes in the fantasy of Negroid Egypt), so I can expect warped journalism, but this is just outrageous! Making such insane accusations against a young teenage girl?

    I want to believe that Blacks are like everyone else, and I still believe that most African-Americans are good, decent people, but this is the sort of shit that a nig-nog would do. I'll grant, for instance, that serial killers are nearly all White, and as far as I know there has never been a Black serial killer. But the sort of random brutality inherent in breaking into someone's house in broad day light and then cold-bloodedly stabbing a child to death when she enters, is something you only hear of a Groid doing.

    Burglary is a fairly low crime, worse than petty larceny or armed bank robbery, a violation of the sanctity of one's home. But if you're going to steal shit, for fuck's sake break in, grab everything of value you can, and dash out. Was it necessary to kill the girl? Nigga didn't even have a gun. He slashed her up for fun.

    Serial killers and terrorists at least represent a very human sort of evil. This is just ANIMAL behavior. Uncalculated, whimsical brutality. This girl had her whole life ahead of her but it was cut short by some vaguely humanoid beast who was on parole.

    Let's analyze the events, shall we? Dumb coon fresh out of the slammer decides to burglarize houses in a White middle-class suburban neighborhood. (First of all, you just got out, nigga! Don't you want to bone a few more hos and baby mommas? Maybe smoke some nice crack? You want to go back so soon? Better yet, how about getting a job, so you can help pay for the welfare your relatives enjoy?) So he stoops to the low of breaking and entering to snatch people's valuables. (And hopefully pawn them off for crack money…) Fair enough, but he does it in broad day-light [The stupid nigger!] Isn't burglary something you want to do under the cover of darkness? Of course he doesn't bring a gun (but that's probably because he's on parole), just his trusty li'l knife. Lucky for the “big tough guy” the house was empty and only a little White girl entered. Fortunately for that pussy-ass nigga he didn't run into a large male! But his handiwork being interrupted, rather than simply run out, or simply push her away or knock her down and continue out, or even tie her up, he had to cut this innocent child's life short. Was that even necessary? No motive! He did not even know this human being but he decided she should die.

  3. Anonymous said:

    Slaying this person, rather than helping him escape, made it easy to find the beast. The girl put up just enough of a fight to gather Negroid DNA under her fingernails.

    Look, I tried to be a good liberal. I refused to believe that it was just some random killing, that some burglar would just shank her and make a getaway. I figured that it was someone who knew her and thus had a motive, no matter how ridiculous. What could possibly justify the death of an innocent 14-year-old girl? What could she possibly do to “deserve” it? Maybe it was a family member, a blood relative doing it out of spite? Some punk kids? People are crazy. Even when I heard that the autopsy found the DNA of an African-American male, I assumed it was a Black boyfriend. I guess I am that liberal. (Lest you think I'm some sort of white supremacist.) Surely, I refused to believe that it was some random burglar. Your first suspects must be people who know her! Such wanton savagery is beneath even a common marauder.

    But not beneath a nigger, apparently. They DID finally catch the coon who did this. He was in fact a “random” burglar. I was wrong. Such stupid, cowardly, impulsive violent behavior is not beyond jigaboos. Worse still, it turned out he was a parolee. White liberals try to be kind, merciful, and generous. But how do you repay us? We set one free and he thanks us by killing an innocent kid. This incident shattered my perspective. We can't even walk into the safety of our own homes without being butchered by some thug, some bipedal beast, who broke in. This is NOT human behavior. It is how one might expect a carnivorous animal to act. Except at least animals can't break into houses.

    P.S. If the victim were African-American I would be just as outraged. It would be a case of feral animalistic behavior directed against one’s own kind. There is a difference between ordinary Blacks and niggers and this was just nigger behavior!

    P.P.S. Seeing as they caught the creature who perpetrated this, Mr. Slaughter Lightfoot can stop with his offensive speculation about how a sweet young high school freshman is some reckless mudshark who invites groids over for rape fantasies. Stick to your fairy tales about Negroid Egypt and how the great Negroid civilization had space travel until da White man fucked ‘em up. What happened did Alexander the Great or the Persian Shah invent crack cocaine and distribute it to your alleged Negroid Pharaohs to destroy Negroid Egypt with crack addiction? And what’s with the Nation of Islam shit? Why do so many American Blacks follow an ARAB religion? Do you have any idea what those camel jockeys think about Black people?

  4. Anonymous said:

    This site and this story in particular, represents the lowest form of human thought and is a blight upon black culture. You bemoan racism all across your little blog while at the same time spewing the most ridiculous spout of ignorant racism I've yet come across on the internet. Is this the epitome of black intellect? You are pathetic.

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