(BREAKING) Post Hurricane Irene Flooding Ravages Racist 98% White Vermont; "We Are Thankful Our Prayers, Meditations & Offerings Have Brought Devistation Upon The Devils In This Historically Racist State. May Mother Nature Return Unto Them All The Evil They Have Done Unto The Earth & Her Other Inhabitants." – God Damn White America Minister Elohim Belial

God Damn White America (GDWA) minister Elohim Belial has issued a statement on behalf of the movement giving thanks to Mother Nature, God & Allah that through their prayers, meditations and offerings they were able to direct post hurricane Irene flooding to ravage the 98% white state of Vermont.

“Vermont is a historically racist state with whites who think they are good, honest and decent. Yet they embrace the historically racist values of this country and, to date, still deny reparations are owed to our people for their treacherous crimes against them. As we do for all the whites in this nation, we can only aspire for damnation upon them. They deserve for their selfish lives to intrusively inconvenienced and without the ability for them to be made right.  We desire for their homes to be washed away and them to be without flood insurance. We even desire for the pictures of  the despicable  mutants they call children to be swept away – if the lives of the children aren’t swept away themselves. God damn white America.”

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  1. Anonymous said:

    At least they won't loot, rape, and murder like the niggers after Katrina.

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