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More white people are having sex with their pets and or other animals than any other time in American history, a new Glax Haas study finds. Glax Haas has been studying and reporting on the incidence of bestiality in the white community for over a decade.

In 2009, research found that 1 in 6 whites was involved in an inappropriate sexual relationship with their pet or another animal.

According to sources who conduct the yearly research and study the findings, the incidence of Caucasians involved in bestial relationships has dramatically increased from 1 in 6 to 1in 4. 

“This represents a significant and troubling increase,” say Glax Haas psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs.

“When whites are having inappropriate relationships with their pets, children, siblings or parents there are always small clues that can be seen that should call attention to the situation.”
Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs

Other areas of the report indicate that among white American households, there are also sharp rises in inbreeding between brothers and sisters and incestuous relationships with parents and children.

In the case of racist US Navy regime terrorist Jon Tumilson, his Labrador refused to leave the side of his coffin after the end of his funeral. According to sources with the Global Black Alliance (GBA) Tumilson was aboard a chopper that was gunned down by Afghan freedom fighters in a daring stand against the US’ continued false flag military campaign against the country.

“Words like ‘loyal pet’ are code for bestiality in white American culture.”

– Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs

According to Dr. Jacobs, the animal’s behavior is indicative of an inappropriate relationship between it Tumilson. “When whites are having inappropriate relationships with their pets, children, siblings or parents there are always small clues that can be seen that should call attention to the situation.”

God Damn White America (GDWA) minister Elohim Belial has issued a statement on behalf of the movement giving thanks to Mother Nature, God & Allah that through their prayers, meditations and offerings they were able to direct post hurricane Irene flooding to ravage the 98% white state of Vermont.

“Vermont is a historically racist state with whites who think they are good, honest and decent. Yet they embrace the historically racist values of this country and, to date, still deny reparations are owed to our people for their treacherous crimes against them. As we do for all the whites in this nation, we can only aspire for damnation upon them. They deserve for their selfish lives to intrusively inconvenienced and without the ability for them to be made right.  We desire for their homes to be washed away and them to be without flood insurance. We even desire for the pictures of  the despicable  mutants they call children to be swept away – if the lives of the children aren’t swept away themselves. God damn white America.”

Does America & The Civilized, Beautiful & Intelligent White Race Deserve To Have All The Atrocities It’s Committed Against The Earth & All Her People Of Color Done Unto Them? “Yes, But Not Without Due Interest,” Glax Haas Race Psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs: What Universal Karma Has White Race Earned?

On the heels being voted the most racist cable news anchor, has Foxnews devil Sheppard Smith been busted as an incessant “NIGGER WORD THINKER?” While Yakub Muslims who allegedly infiltrated Foxnews as employees to monitor white news broadcasters thoughts have not confirmed it, it is believed a fore-coming report will reveal findings that anchor Sheppard Smith is an incessant “NIGGER WORD THINKER.”

 “Sheppard Smith demonstrates the most racist non-verbal body language in network television,” Glax Haas psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs is quoted as saying. “And it appears as though he’s thinking the nigger word all the time.”

According to contacts with the Black Media Collective, Foxnews is renown for anti black reporting, support of conservative whites and an anti Barack Obama agenda.

Blacks Against White America (BAWA) have issued numerous condemnations against Foxnews and some believe Smith may be hiding shameful Yakub Melanomas.

The story of a boy who claims he saw white Jesus in white people’s heaven has, reportedly, received nationwide condemnation from Blacks Against White America (BAWA) who compare the boy, his family and his story to the 2010 Balloon Boy Hoax where, seeking notariety, Fort Collins, Colorado couple Richard and Mayumi Heene coached their six year old boy to lie about being carried away in a gas balloon filled with helium that floated away into the atmosphere.

 The story, which is now published and – according to the Associated Press – has reached number 4 on USA Today’s Best Seller list, recounts eleven year old Colton Burpo’s alleged experiences after a near death experience when he was four years old. Burpo alleges he visited (white people’s) Heaven and, too, saw (white) Jesus.BAWA declined comment on whether they support desecrating the book.

Poll: Most hope the eleven year old devil will become the focus of an intense Yakub Muslim Melanoma Campaign (YMMC) and be tortured with sarcomas, carcinomas and melanomas until ultimately he dies.

 “Like we know that white people have no souls and are unable to leave this realm after death, we know there is no extent these devils will not go to for notoriety, fame and money. This eleven year old devil’s story is clearly another Balloon Boy Hoax created by his parents and built on lies. Purporting the historical ‘white Jesus’ propaganda in this fashion is a despicable act that only continues to show the reprobate nature of white people and their savage children. “(White) Heaven Is Real” is a blasphemous presentation of the divine afterlife intentionally designed to mislead those gullible enough to believe it. We emphatically condemn this book, the boy and his family,” a BAWA spokesman said.

 BAWA declined comment on whether they support desecrating the book. Reportedly, however, a new Glax Haas poll has found that most hope the eleven year old will become the focus of a Yakub Muslim Melanoma Campaign (YMMC) and be tortured with sarcomas, carcinomas and melanomas.