Monthly Archives: June 2011

While rescuers fear that a climber who was left high on the slopes of Mount Rainier on Monday may have fallen 2,000 feet down Liberty Ridge, Washington State Blacks Against White America (BAWA) Movement enthusiasts are calling 50 year old Rob Plankers, of Olympia,  a “vile reparations offender & supporter of the West’s racially terroristic campaign against all the people of color on the globe. 
“The planet and people of color are safer without this racial terrorists presence. We condemn all search and rescue efforts to find him, hope he has fallen to a tragic and painful death and call for the dogs to lick up his blood and the birds to pick at his flesh,” a BAWA spokesman is quoted as saying.

A Liberty Range spokesman is quoted as saying the fall Planters is suspected of having would be un-survivable. Witnesses confirm they did see a man fall down the slope.  Rescuers searching by air spotted a slide path and no sign of Rob Plankers.