25 Years Ago Challenger Destroyed & Yet Devil Preps To Chal-lenge Mothership Connection Again: NASA Set To Defy Mothership Elders "NO WHITES IN SPACE BAN;" Barbaric Shuttle Discovery Leaves Assembly Building & Placed Back On Launch Pad; (PLUS) Savage Edomites (Also) Banned From Earth! Where Will He Flee?

God has given white people until 2012 to find another planet to live on,” Jacobi Alil said in a sermon given across his network, Sunday. “Can he return to his birth place in the Caucasus Mountains for protection? No. There is no place upon the earth ultraviolet light pierce. Many will note 2012 as the date the great and ancient Mayans predicted the destruction of his world. Until the “NO WHITES IN SPACE BAN” reportedly declared by Mothership elders, the grace of The Universe had granted whites the opportunity to escape to any other planet outside our solar system.” The Elders, however, says that, because of The Devil’s continued treachery, vessels entering space from  earth with whites on board will be targeted for destruction.

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  1. Anonymous said:

    When are the elders going to attack from the ships?
    Daily i pray


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