Was 12-year-old Jonathan Foster The Next Jeffery Dahmer? Leading Glax Haas Psychologist Condemns Rush To Judgement Of Burning To Death Of "Most Likely" Future Racial Psychopath & Serial Killer

12 year old Jonathan Foster’s body was found burned to death in a ditch in Houston, Texas. While many are calling the death of the boy a tragedy, leading Glax Haas psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs says the child maintained all the genetic markers of becoming a dangerous racially psychotic serial killer and is, reportedly, condemning the rush to judgement in the twelve year old’s death. “What we can tell from the archaic slope of this one’s cranium and his less than qualifying as beautiful by Western standards is that the probability of it becoming a pervesion to a safe society for the safety of humanity is greater than not. As responsible humans, we must begin to look carefully at what the mutant Caucasian gene is bringing into the world. We’ve seen the terrible things the gene has produced so far. Responsible circumvention should not be frowned upon.” Dr. Jacobs is quoted as saying.

  1. Mysterioso said:

    Was Trayvon Martin the next black serial killer or Anthony Sowell? Maybe society was saved by the Hispanic shooter, George Zimmerman!?

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