"FREE ANFERNEY FONTENET, YOU CAN’T RAPE THE DEVIL" – Toledo Black Foot Soldiers: Woman a "Reparations Offender," Cite Spike in Local Whites Playing "Stoopover When Black Males Pass;" Toledo Yakub Muslims: Woman Suspect "NIGGER WORD THINKER"

Toledo Black Foot Soldiers have issued a statement standing up for fifteen year old Anferney Fontenet and believe the twenty six year old Reparations Offender alleging rape was of playing Stoopover When Black Males Pass . A contact with the Toledo Yakub Muslims, however, says that while they don’t doubt the woman may have been playing Stoopover, she, because of Asperger’s, is probably an incessant “NIGGER WORD THINKER” .

“It isn’t the first case in the nation where a Reparations Offender is suspected of being a “NIGGER WORD THINKER” and, because many young blacks not only don’t know that we’re in the age where we can hear the devil’s thoughts, but too don’t know how to control their rightful anger when they hear them,” says Toledo Black Foot Soldier Seymour Dixon. “We are in the process now of trying to educate brothers that as more Ground Level Ozone (GLO) enters our atmosphere, the more atune we will become to our inherent extra sensory percetive gifts. Fluctuating Ground Level Ozone is also the cause for white people’s increasing erratic and perverse behavior. It is very well known that Asperger’s Syndrome affects the ability to control what the mind thinks. It is apparent the woman in questions thoughts were so vile that God moved him to become one of His avenging angels.”

We see them here in 3rd Ward all the time. The (white) mommas will bring the daughter over to the ghetto to teach them how to use their bodies to tempt, lure and destroy black mles.

They be standing on the sidewalk until they see dangerous nigz approaching.

Then, as the brother passes, they’ll pretend to drop something on the ground and bend over to pick it up. Of course the girl and her momma are wearing those high skirts.

 It is especially inappropriate for the little girl who can be as young as 11, 12 and 13.

When they bend over, neither one of them is wearing no panties. Brothers just shake their heads. But, then, some brothers might turn around and go back.

The stories then told are unbelievable! While the white girlz in the school houses do the same things.

The ones who are getting schooled by their momomas on the streets will take the brothers (as many who want to participate) and start that *rape me role play*.

The tragic thing’s when they trick brothers into killing them.


  1. BlacksAreNotHuman said:

    This page has to be joke. Or is a testament to Black High School dropouts with its semi literacy.

    No wonder why the Black Race is so horribly fucked up. You will soon be eating mud pies you ignorant savage.

  2. BlacksAreNotHuman,

    Actually, the very word “Human” comes from two words: Hue = Colored + Man = Person = Colored Person = Human.

    If nothing more, thanks for your contribution.

    Slaughter Lightfoot

  3. Anonymous said:

    Actually “human” comes from the latin combination of the words Hominis and Humus into Humanus. Hominis = Man, Humus = Earth, therefore “earthly man” as opposed to heavenly gods. Do some research please.

  4. Anonymous said:

    Anonymous said…
    Actually “human” comes from the latin combination of the words Hominis and Humus into Humanus. Hominis = Man, Humus = Earth, therefore “earthly man” as opposed to heavenly gods. Do some research please.

    What white book u get that from?

  5. White Power World Wide said:

    Holy fuckin shit…so niggers have ESP? I highly doubt that the knuckle draggin ape race who have an average IQ level of 60-70 and that can't even form rational thoughts themselves can 'read/hear' other peoples thoughts. This hard core gangsta 15 YO nigglet really proved how bad he was by raping a mentally challenged White girl. Oh yeah…he's a real tough guy. Thanks for the laugh!

  6. White Power World Wide said:

    Slaughter Lightfoot(quote)btw, where's your plantation?

    You needing a job? Come on…you people don't really believe you can 'hear' what us White Devils think do you? Evidently not all of y'all can….I just got back from the store, and while I was there, I passed a HUGE sheboon. Perfect test…..so I 'thought' how pathetic she was, draggin her 4 nigglets around, stinkin to high heaven, and just how totally disgusting she was. Well….she either ignored my 'thoughts' OR this whole ESP thing is utter BS. I'm bettin on the later.

  7. Anonymous said:

    All you monkeys will hang.

  8. Anonymous,
    So, just for clarity, from the vast racial empire your degenerate forefathers left you, all you have is “monkeys” and “nigger” left?


  9. Anonymous said:

    lol…no one reads this site except for whites who swallowed the bait…this website is a joke

  10. The main UPJ site is still on WordPress. You can join the general dialog there. Network community members dialog on a private for blacks only (FBO) forum, though.


    Slaughter Lightfoot

  11. Anonymous said:

    Can any black foot soldiers hear what I'm thinking? Concentrate! Now you really know what I'm thinking…

  12. Anonymous said:

    You are a piece of worthless,satanic,retarded,

    ungratefull,trash for writting the article on the brutal and extremely racist rape committed
    by this piece of retarded and evil piece of crap.
    You have a lot of nerve ,you worthless ingrate for calling it an act of reparations.

  13. Anonymous said:

    It's not your God given right to commit genocide against whites by raping their women!!!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous said:

    So ,from reading previous articles I learned you
    sir are quite into dicks. You should go back to prison where you could be in contact with many

  15. Anonymous said:

    Actually, the very word “Human” comes from two words: Hue = Colored + Man = Person = Colored Person = Human.

    Can you please enlighten me where this word 'Nigger' comes from?

  16. Anonymous said:

    I would have curb stomped that nigger had I seen this shit. black apes are the stupidest “humans” on the planet. If they wanna rape their own kind, go for it. I guess their “women” are too ugly and repulsive to fuck.

  17. Anonymous said:

    oh the lulz…this is obviously a fake april fools site put up to mock you WN reading this…whoever posted it in stormfront is effing with y'all.

  18. Anonymous,

    Show a time in history when yours needed “the pot to be stirred” to commit any of your numerous atrocities you've committed against every other race of people on the planet. You can't. The characterization of yours as “The Devil” is earned by your fathers and your very works.

    Jesus called you (the white Romans – who had invaded the country) devil. Master Fard Muhammad (founder of the Nation of Islam) called you devils. Malcolm X called you devils. Tupac called you devils. Rev. Jeremiiah Wright called you devils. You think brother Barack don't know what you are? Heh!

    Yours fulfilled that prophesy foretold by the prophets that you would be unchanging and continue in your evil ways until the Sun “himself” had to shame and burn you from the planet. Low and behold, look at your superior skin today! LOL!

    Yours chose this path. Rejected love. Killed Jesus and MLK. (For those who don't know, the white Romans killed Jesus – not the black [real] Jews). Both Jesus & MLK tried to teach you recessive skinned mutants love. You killed them both. Yours could have changed. But right up to George Bush Jr – blowing up your own Twin Towers, conspiring with Osama Bin Laden, bombing the innocent in Iraq and Afghanistan and exterminating another generation – you didn't change. A race of racially demonic psychopaths, PROVEN!

    Fake April Fool's day this: For your kind's unrestituted for atrocities your condemnation is inescapable whether I'm here to “stir your (so-called) pot” or not.

    Fake April Fool's day this: the taxes you pay and votes you make support and maintain the legacy of oppression and tyranny this nation's founding criminal terrorists you call heroes set up. So, with or without me, you are a criminal terrorist.

    Let me find out you had a mental image of how we (blacks) think and UnderprivilegeJournalism just stepped outside of it. I just found out b/c your stupid ass admitted it.

    We've been publishing since 2007. Since launching you box thinking crackers have been in disbelief. LOL! Stupid stereotyping motherfuckers. Enjoy your headache and what little time you have left!

    Slaughter Lightfoot

  19. Anonymous said:

    Dont worry my 'kaffer', your day of reconing is coming…

  20. Anonymous said:

    i hate this stupid nigger shit. that little fucker raped a women with disabilities , in broad daylight. little niggers like that should be shot

  21. Anonymous said:

    Actually, as a street cop of 7 years, I encountered black males like this frequently. It was a combination of mental illness due to crappy, violent upbringing added to the constant drumbeat from the communists in public schools that taught these derelicts how nothing is their own fault. Example: If they got high on crack and liquor, drove down the street and crashed out on someone's mailbox, then as a “white cop” I was racist for arresting them, even though a black victim had been the one to call about their destroyed mail box. The drunk would then complain that I was arresting him because I was “racist”. This type of attitude was a daily occurence. Seriously, I am not making this up. Almost to a man, the blacks I encountered saw everything as “racist”, so when some delusional predator passes a white girl on the street and thinks he can hear her thoughts calling him a “nigger”, he is probably telling the truth. He is actually so deluded that he thinks he can hear her thoughts. On top of this, combine the added influence of demonic possession and/or influence actually whispering thoughts into the minds of these already unstable and violent people, then you have a very dangerous mix indeed. WIth the drugs, alcohol and constant infusion of demonically inspired “rap music” these paranoid and delusional people are truly a danger to society.

  22. Anonymous said:

    This site has to be ran by jews, there's too many complete sentences.

  23. Anonymous said:

    Slaughter Lightfoot,

    Technically when modern man evolved to our current hairless form, all humans were light skinned (white). Early humans (hominids) that originated and lived in equatorial Africa had a coat of hair that covered their entire body that protected them from the Sun’s harmful UV radiation.

    As hominids evolved to have less hair, their light skin color was a disadvantage in the environment. Selective breeding (Natural Selection) took place.

    Hominids with dark skin color had higher rates of survivability in that particular geography (thus the population became what we commonly know as black). Some hominids migrated away from Africa, those that migrated and settled in their respective areas would soon have natural selection take place. Thus, different colored humans (white folks in Europe, yellow in Asia and black people in Australia, Aborigines look different than Africans, but their skin color is the same as some African tribals).

    The point I'm trying to make is white people aren't “recessive skin mutants”. They are just humans who adapted to their geography, just like black people and every other race on this planet or really any species, animal, plant etc.etc.etc.

    There is a scientific reason and explanation for why we are all different colors. Truly, we are all mostly the same. And in fact every living thing on this planet, everything in the universe is made of the same stuff. The real difference is not in our skin colors, but our ability to love and hate.

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