"Had Reparations Been Paid, Gina Stallis Would Still Be Alive." – St. Louis Black Foot Soldiers Hail Mario Coleman as Courageous Reparations Avenger

Message from Malachi Elish: 

Many in this community feel for the white race. Based in the hypocritical, selfish and narcissistic ideals of your fathers, so many of you deny the fact that we are owed reparations for you race’s crimes against us.Rather than allowing this to serve as an example of the wrath of God against the wicked, you continue to act as though your possessions aren’t rightfully ours.When the St. Louis Black Foot Soldiers defined Gina as a reparations offender, that definition was correct. Had, for example, you ever spoken with her about your race’s atrocities and what your race owes? Or, like many whites, is it your position that those things are in the past? Respectfully, when Mario showed up demanding his reparations, he brought your wicked past to the present. Thank you for your comments and most of all know: this isn’t about hate, it’s about justice. God himself hates injustice and white people are unjust.  

Malachi Elish, 
BlackMaleFelon publisher
  1. Anonymous said:

    You guys are morons. You weren't a slave. I didn't own any slaves. Get over it. Slavery isn't the reason that half your people are illiterate. Laziness is.

  2. Anonymous said:

    Niggers are so dumb and lazy. I work with plenty of them and they're all the same. You all want something for nothing. You have 20 kids and my tax dollars pay for those little monkeys to eat. When slavery was abolished they should've shipped all your boot-lipped asses back.

  3. Anonymous said:

    Those dumb kids who killed an innocent woman and shot a police officer have no idea what reparations are. They don't know who, if any, of their ancestors were slaves or anything like that. They are just lazy, jobless gangsters looking for a quick easy buck. I hope they are raped repeatedly in prison for the rest of their lives.

  4. Anonymous,

    That “woman” was a Reparations Offender; and, whites with badges and guns are State Commissioned Racial Terrorists.

    Slaughter Lightfoot

  5. Anonymous said:

    This is the stupidest bullshit I have ever heard!! This man deserves an eye for an eye punishment!!! Let's see someone “mistakenly” kill him in front of his family and friends!! If these POS men would have been taught respect for life and hardwork, they would not be out robbing people and killing an innocent mother, this is 2011 not the 1800's learn respect for life and hard work quit depending off the government and others hard work to get by! Get an education and do something with your life. If these men would have had to get up for work every morning at 6am they wouldn't have been out taking innocent lives, and stealing things! This page needs to be deleted immediately!!

  6. rose said:

    Sit your dumb Trayvon Martin ass down with this bullshit.

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