Burning Esme’s Evil Parts, Stoopover When Black Males Pass & Repenting of BOB Crime: Esme Kenney & Anthony Kirkland’s Date

We see them here in 3rd Ward all the time. The (white) mommas will bring the daughter over to the ghetto to teach them how to use their bodies to tempt, lure and destroy black mles.

They be standing on the sidewalk until they see dangerous nigz approaching.

Then, as the brother passes, they’ll pretend to drop something on the ground and bend over to pick it up. Of course the girl and her momma are wearing those high skirts.

 It is especially inappropriate for the little girl who can be as young as 11, 12 and 13.

When they bend over, neither one of them is wearing no panties. Brothers just shake their heads. But, then, some brothers might turn around and go back.

The stories then told are unbelievable! While the white girlz in the school houses do the same things.

The ones who are getting schooled by their momomas on the streets will take the brothers (as many who want to participate) and start that *rape me role play*.
The tragic thing’s when they trick brothers into killing them.



 “Brother Anthony burned her evil parts away, we can only wonder now if she had arranged and planned for this before hand.”

  1. Anonymous said:

    This is sick!

  2. Anonymous said:

    i've seen it.there was a white mother and daughter in a black neighborhood coming out of the store.the daughter had a seethru dress with nothing on underneath she was about 12.when the sun hit from behind you could see everything. no bra or panties.

  3. Anonymous,
    It is taking place in 'hoods all over this country. It appears these whites (even the ones who participate in it) deny it publicly. But, it is sick, sadistic and psychotic behavior that all brothers should be aware of.

    I'm only surprised that (if they saw you) the didn't conveniently drop something on the ground and,then, rush to stoopover and pick it up.

    Thanks for your honest,

    Slaughter Lightfoot

  4. Anonymous said:


  5. Anonymous said:

    I'd shoot every one of you fucking ignorant, illiterate monkeys right in the face, if I had half the chance to do it. How can you think this way?

  6. Scarf said:

    This is all true
    it happens all the time
    whites wanting to fullfull their Black sex fantasies without taking responsibility for violating their racist codes
    white boys and their sluts are doing it all the time – getting what they need then screaming “rape” when they get exposed

  7. Anonymous said:

    This kind of delusion is exactly what wealthy white men in power want you to think, want you to believe. Get yourself wrapped up in this bullshit permutation of Islam, lose all of your credibility making insane claims that a woman deserved to have her genitals lit on fire, and keep repeating this 70's white devil mantra until you actually believe it. Then all you are is one more irrelevant, crazy negro who will never have a damn word he says listened to, will never accomplish anything in the battle against the entrenched plutocracy that has corrupted this country.

    As long as our people are associated with this insanity, Black president or no, we will never truly be free. Islam is a religion of peace. Lighting a woman on fire is Not. Fucking. Peace.

  8. Anonymous said:

    the battle against the entrenched plutocracy that has corrupted this country.

    Remind me when the country was non-corrupt.


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